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Hi I am trying to access the twitter rest api https://stream.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/filter.json I am using nodejs.

For authentication I have used ntwitter. Authentication is going through fine. I get the success message.

But once it passes authentication it is not displaying tweets. it shows something like.

tweet[object Object]
tweet[object Object]
tweet[object Object]
tweet[object Object]

My prog

var twitter = require('ntwitter');
var https = require('https');

var twit = new twitter({
  consumer_key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  consumer_secret: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  access_token_key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  access_token_secret: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

twit.verifyCredentials(function (err, data) {

twit.stream('statuses/filter', {track:'manipal'}, function(response) {
          var body ='';
               //var tweet = JSON.parse(chunk);
                console.log("tweet" + chunk);

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Looking at the ntwitter test suite, it seems the tweet object has the properties text and user. So if you do console.log("tweet: " + chunk.text), you might have more success.

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By using string addition you are converting the tweet object into a string representation. Because it has no toString() method, it outputs to the console as [object Object].

Try either console.log(chunk); or console.log("tweet "+chunk.text);

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