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I'm configuring $compileProvider in my Angular app so I can insert telephone links into my HTML, as detailed in this post:

app.config ['$compileProvider', ($compileProvider) ->
    $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist /^\s*(https?|ftp|mailto|file|tel):/

This works fine.

However, now my unit tests (in Karma) die with TypeError: Object #<$CompileProvider> has no method 'urlSanitizationWhitelist'. I think that means the mock $compileProvider is different than the regular one. So how can I get my unit tests to run again?

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The trivial answer is to check whether the call will work before I make it, a one-character change in CoffeeScript: $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist? /^\s*(https?|ftp|mailto|file|tel):/ . But I'm looking for an answer clarifying the mock $compileProvider. –  jab Jun 27 '13 at 21:47

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Since Angular 1.2 the method has been changed to $compileProvider.aHrefSanitizationWhitelist()

This answer came from here: Angular changes urls to "unsafe:" in extension page

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