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I am wanting to find Motif widgets for Python3 similar to the popular Python module "PyQt4". I have not found a Motif-widgets module. Do any exist?

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I am not asking for a recommended library. I am wanting to know if such one exists. –  Devyn Collier Johnson Jul 9 '13 at 20:12

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WxWidgets apparently has Motif bindings so, conceptually, you might be able to build the development version of WxPython, which supports Python 3, from source, with wxMotif.

However, even if it this will work, I suspect it won't be an easy process, and unless you have a really good reason for wanting to use Motif, using the Qt bindings (either PyQt or PySide) seems like a much more future proof option, better supported and with a lot more features.

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