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I was trying to delete project from Team Foundation Service and I am getting this error:

TF200016: The following project does not exist: PetraERP_1. Verify that the name of the project is correct and that the project exists on the specified Team Foundation Server.

The command which I used is:

TFSDeleteProject /force /collection:https://mydomain.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection  PetraERP_1

The project path is $/Petra Solutions/PetraERP_1.

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I realize the nomenclature is bad here, but PetraERP_1 is a Visual Studio Project, it's not a Team Project. –  Edward Thomson Jun 28 '13 at 1:18
As a note - in TFS 2013 deleting a project is possible from the Admin console so the command line command is not needed –  Crab Bucket Dec 19 '14 at 10:25

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Petra Solutions is the team project name.

Deleting this will remove all your code, work items, builds, everything! And it is not recoverable.

If that is the case then, there is an option in the Web Access to do that now.

Or via the command line:

TFSDeleteProject /force /collection:https://mydomain.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection "Petra Solutions"

If that is not the case, and you just want to delete the PetraERP_1 folder of code, you want the tf delete command line to delete the source code only (this is recoverable).

To use tf delete you need to have a working copy of the code checked out. You can do a non-recursive checkout with the tf get command in a Workspace with a mapping to that path.

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i don't want to delete the complete project name , only specific folder , i solved it you should map the complete solution "Petra Solutions" and then you can delete it –  Raad Jun 27 '13 at 21:50

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