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I'm working on a C# app with a multiline textbox and a listview.

The textbox stuff looks like this:

John Smith
Joe Bronstein
Susan Jones
Adam Feldman

The listview has two columns: Date and Name.

So far, I can put the current date into the listview's Date column. Next, I need to copy the names into the Name column. The listview should look like this:

Date      Name     
6/27/2013 John Smith
6/27/2013 Joe Bronstein
6/27/2013 Susan Jones
6/27/2013 Adam Feldman

So how do I copy the name from each line in the textbox into the Name column on each line in the listview?

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This will add all names from textBox to listView with current date:

var date = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString();
foreach (var line in textBox.Lines)
    listView.Items.Add(new ListViewItem(new string[] { date, line}));

How it works: We are enumerating TextBox property Lines which returns names line by line. For each line created new ListViewItem with array of strings for each column in your ListView. Then item is added to listView.

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Lazyberezovsky answer works perfectly.

But if you have added already an item in your Listview and you want to add the lines after the fact that you have added already the Dates (honestly I doubt this but just a guess). Then you need to you use SubItem to add on each rows to a new column. Now, given of course that your ListView has the same number of Items as the number of Lines in your Multiline Textbox.

So, that your code would probably look like this:

string[] line = textBox1.Lines; // get all the lines of text from Multiline Textbox
int i = 0; // index for the array above
foreach (ListViewItem itm in listView1.Items) // Iterate on each Item of the ListView
   itm.SubItems.Add(line[i++]); // Add the line from your textbox to each ListViewItem using the SubItem

Otherwise again Lazyberezovsky's answer works perfectly and the right solution to your problem.

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