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I would like to set button text with different languages based on Culture. I have all my Javascript code in sepparate file. This file is imported in ToolkitScriptManager in Master Page. I have created JSString.resx global resource file. I have written code:

function showSessionTime() {
    $(".sessionTime").val('<%= GetGlobalResourceObject("JSString", "SessionTime").ToString() %>' + " " + convertTime(minutes) + ":" + convertTime(seconds)); seconds = seconds - 1;

The function is then called in $(document).ready(function ()...

The button in Master Page:

 <asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" class="ui-state-default ui-corner-all sessionTime"
                                        UseSubmitBehavior="False" OnClientClick="javascript:return false;" 

I know that <%= GetGlobalResourceObject("JSString", "SessionTime").ToString() %> doesn't work in sepparate js files. How to workaround this as simple and as quick as possible?

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I check value like this:

   if ($("#ctl00_ddlLanguage").val() == 'pl-PL') {
        expiredMessage = 'Twoja sesja wygasła. Zostałeś wylogowany.';
    else {
        expiredMessage = 'You session has ended. You have been logged out.';

Is there any risk of using #ctl00_ddlLanguage??

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