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I'd like to redirect the following address

http://MyDomain/register           ==>  http://MyDomain/register.php
http://MyDomain/register/code/XXX  ==>  http://MyDomain/register.php?code=XXX

Here is my .htaccess file so far:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^register/code/(.*)$ register.php?code=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^register/?$    register.php  [NC]

It works well on my local Apache server. It fails when I upload my files to OVH.

The server ignore my first rule and redirects the page to:


So the GET on $code doesn't work.

I guess my local apache server (running on win) does not have the same settings as OVH. I can't find a rule that would both on both environment. All my files are named lowercase so it's not the issue :(

Any idea?


Edit 06/28:

The following rule works on both environment :

RewriteRule ^registercode/(.*)$ register.php?code=$1 [L]

The problem is not in the / between register and code

ANy ideas are welcome :)

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