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I wonder in the installation process of configure, make, make check and make install, what does "make check" do? Thanks!

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Anything that is specified in Makefile for target check. – n0rd Nov 14 '09 at 20:34
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Strictly speaking, it doesn't necessarily do anything.

If a Makefile has a target named check, then make check will "build" that target. It's typically a phony target, meaning that it is a make-scripted command rather than a file named "check" that gets created.

The gnu project advises that all gnu software should include a make check target that runs post-build tests in the build directory, so make check can be used frequently on packages distributed from the FSF. Other projects will sometimes follow this convention as well.

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According to the GNU Make manual, it performs self tests on the program this makefile builds.

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make check is a command to a makefile. It does whatever the makefile defines it to do.

It sounds like a little background on makefiles would be good. This is a tutorial that my school uses for a programming course. Here are some good quotes:

Make can be used to automatically execute the many Linux commands that are needed to compile, link, and test a large C++ program. Since these commands will be executed hundreds of times during a program's development, automating these tasks is essential.
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Link to tutorial is broken( – iamantony Apr 23 '15 at 8:29

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