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I'm using PhoneGap and have two different plug-ins installed. Plug-in A assumes ARC is active, and Plug-in B does its own memory management.

Since I don't know enough Objective-C to tinker with Plug-in A and make it manage memory itself, the only option I see is to go into Plug-in B and rip out all of the 'autorelease' and 'dealloc' calls, as suggested by Jezen in Im getting this error 'autorelease' is unavailable: not available in automatic reference counting mode.

Is there a better option, however? Can I just have XCode ignore the autorelease and dealloc calls, so I don't have to rip them out of the plug-in? I'm afraid once I'm finishing ripping up this plug-in, I'll find there are others with the same issue.

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I think you're right Danilo! I'll give this a try. Much appreciated! –  Anthony Jun 28 '13 at 1:14

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Xcode will convert the code to ARC for you.

Edit->Refactor->Convert to Objective C ARC...

You can preview the changes and Xcode is pretty good about suggestion for fixes, if you have to do any manual changes.

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