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When creating a multi-value cookie in Django, how does one specify the delimiter between each key/value pair so that the cookie receives the delimiter's ASCII character representation instead of its octal representation? Here's what I'm currently doing:

uid = 1
dev = 'computer'
cookie_value = 'uid:%s,dev:%s' % (uid, dev)
response.set_cookie(key="profile", value=cookie_value)

If I run this through the Python debugger, cookie_value contains:


However, if I examine the cookie in my browser, I see this:


How do I make Django replace '\054' with a comma?


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Your answer lies here

Cookie encoding

To fix bugs with cookies in Internet Explorer, Safari, and possibly other browsers, our encoding of cookie values was changed so that the characters comma and semi-colon are treated as non-safe characters, and are therefore encoded as \054 and \073 respectively. This could produce backwards incompatibilities, especially if you are storing comma or semi-colon in cookies and have javascript code that parses and manipulates cookie values client-side.

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Thank you, Samuele. I wasn't aware of this. –  Robert Jun 28 '13 at 1:06

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