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I have knew the success callback in the store' sync process. but In my application,I use the model to post the content to server use the save method. and i don't knew how to get the success callback that is same as the sync of the store. thank you .{
                                    callback : function() {
                                        Ext.Msg.alert('result', 'report update success');

I use the callback,but I have check that whatever the sever return true or false,the callback will be called.That is'nt What I want to !

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The callback takes some arguments. The doc says that it is passed a success argument in third position, but that's not implemented in all (if any) versions of Ext4.

So you're better off using the operation.wasSuccessful() method:{
    callback : function(record, operation) {
        if (operation.wasSuccessful()) {
            // success
        } else {
            // failure
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