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Photo page:

Owner id: 3734832

I'm using this code:

$res = file_get_contents(''3734832'&page_id='98429809'&page_url=');

$resp = json_decode($res, true);

echo 'Count Likes: '.$resp['response']['count'];

but I've got an error:

{"error":{"error_code":100,"error_msg":"One of the parameters specified was missing or invalid: item_id is undefined","request_params":[{"key":"oauth","value":"1"},{"key":"method","value":"likes.getList"},{"key":"type","value":"photo"},{"key":"owner_id","value":"3734832"},{"key":"page_id","value":"98429809"},{"key":"page_url","value":"http:\/\/\/id98429809?z=photo98429809_299166823\/album98429809_0\/rev"}]}}

How to get all users id which liked the photo?

Tell me please where is the error?

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1) To get likes for all items except widgets, you should use item_id parameter instead of page_url 2) You entered wrong owner_id

The right API request is:

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