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I would like to configure a project in Hudson as shown below.

enter image description here

The starting Job is Job-A. When this job is finished it has to trigger three other jobs, B, C and D together. These three jobs may take different times to complete. Once the jobs B, C and D are finished it has to trigger another job E.

I have seen options like, Pipe line plugin, parameterized plugin etc.These are working fine for the first stage. ie, it will trigger build B, C and D together when job A is completed. But I am stuck at configuring the JOB E in such a way that, it has to start only when all the jobs, B, C & D are finished.

Please assist. Thanks in advance.

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Use the Join Plugin, that will allow you to start B, C, and D after A is finished, then trigger E when they are successfully done.

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