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I have a little requirejs project with the following directory structure.

├── index.html
└── js
    ├── bob.js
    ├── build.js
    ├── jquery.js
    ├── main-built.js
    ├── main.js
    └── require.js


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>A Title</title>
        <script data-main="js/main-built.js" src="js/require.js"></script>


define(function () {
    return 'bob';


    name: 'main',
    baseUrl: '.',
    out: 'main-built.js'


define(function (require) {
    var $ = require('jquery'),
        bob = require('bob');

    $(function () {

I run r.js like so:

./r.js -o js/build.js

It successfully builds, but the code doesn't execute in the browser. What am I doing wrong?

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To actually run the darn thing, you have to require the main module at the toplevel.

Adding this script somewhere in index.html fixes the problem

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