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I am using a bash script and I am trying to split a string with urls inside for example:

str=firsturl.com/123416 secondurl.com/634214

So these URLs are separated by spaces, I already used the IFS command to split the string and it is working great, I can iterate trough the two URLs with:

for url in $str; do
    #some stuff

But my problem is that I need to get how many items this splitting has, so for the str example it should return 2, but using this:


return the length of the string (40 for the current example), I mean the number of characters, when I need to get 2.

Also iterating with a counter won't work, because I need the number of elements before iterating the array.

Any suggestions?

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Split the string up into an array and use that instead:

str="firsturl.com/123416 secondurl.com/634214"
array=( $str )

echo "Number of elements: ${#array[@]}"
for item in "${array[@]}"
  echo "$item"

You should never have a space separated list of strings though. If you're getting them line by line from some other command, you can use a while read loop:

while IFS='' read -r url
  array+=( "$url" )

For properly encoded URLs, this probably won't make much of a difference, but in general, this will prevent glob expansion and some whitespace issues, and it's the canonical format that other commands (like wget -i) works with.

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I am generating the urls from a python script, so I can change it and make it print several lines. How can I get them on an array? could you update that also please? – eLRuLL Jun 28 '13 at 4:34
I ended up using a multiline file, but the array works great too. – eLRuLL Jun 29 '13 at 0:33

You should use something like this

declare -a a=( $str )
n=${#a[*]} # number of elements
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Several ways:

$ str="firsturl.com/123416 secondurl.com/634214"

bash array:

$ while read -a ary; do echo ${#ary[@]}; done <<< "$str"


$ awk '{print NF}' <<< "$str"

*nix utlity:

$ printf "%s\n" $(printf "$str" | wc -w)

bash without array:

$ set -- $str
$ echo ${#@}
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If you create a function that will echo $* then that should provide the number of items to split.

count_params () { echo $#; }

Then passing $str to this function will give you the result

str="firsturl.com/123416 secondurl.com/634214"
count_params $str
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