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I have someone in my Google+ circles who hasn't shared their e-mail address with me. I would like to be able to share photos with this person individually through Glass, so I want to add them as a contact on the MyGlass webpage. I click "Add a contact", but their name is not recognized. I go to and find the person under Circles, then I add them to the "My Contacts" group -- this doesn't help. Do I have to make a separate Circle just for this one person so I can see them individually on Glass?

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It seems Google will only add individual contacts to MyGlass which have either a phone number or an e-mail address.

Add a dummy e-mail address like '' (or a disposable alias you control) to their profile in My Contacts. Afterwards you'll be able add this contact from MyGlass and it will show up as an individual G+ Contact on Glass. Photo sharing will work via G+, but remember not to "Send a Message" to this contact; Glass will try to use the dummy e-mail address.

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