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I'm trying to use multi select on a mac for sublime text 2, but as soon as I "find" several selections with command d, I am unsure of what to press to start writing to those selected fields. Everything I hit makes me edit what is in the find field, create cursors for all fields (alt+enter), or leave find / replace mode (escape).

I'm pretty sure there is a way to do this, no?

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You don't need to multi select in "find", select one of them with cursor, then just use command d to multi select next(also can skip the next by command d -> command k). then just type anything to edit them.

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Awesome, I feel a bit foolish. Is there a way to activate it with the find window open or no? –  gards Jun 28 '13 at 14:39

Alternative to COMMAND + D: select any occurrence, then use COMMAND + CTRL + G to multi-select all occurrences throughout the current file.

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