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I am developing application which calculates data and voice usage from user's android phone. Issue I am facing is differentiating this data according to numbers in dual sim phones. (e.g. If I make call from SIM 1 then voice usage should be mapped against corresponding number)

I have searched in SO for this kind of code snippet but had no luck.

Is this possible in Android programmatically by any means ? If yes, then what could be best possible solution for this.

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There is no support for dual slim as for today. Thats mean - there is no any official public API available.

Issue 14799: Dual SIM cards supporting

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@silwar are you able to solve the issue. i am stuck with the same becuse call logs gives all accumulative data ,,how to seggregate call logs for dual sim – Srishti Roy Aug 25 '15 at 12:44

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