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I have an monitoring application that will have multiple threads constantly monitoring the CPU usage, memory usage, hard disk usage, etc. I create a separate thread to monitor each of this and it keeps on running under the while loop get the values for the same.

Now my question is what happens if I keep thread.IsBackGround = true and what happens if I keep thread.IsBackGround = false?

I know the difference between foreground and background thread. But I am not able get what would be the better for me to use. If I have multiple foreground threads running then if I stop the application will all foreground threads stop automatically? or I need to explicitly stop them?

In case background threads, those will be aborted by the system.

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Please define the method for stopping the application. –  Alexandru Lache Jun 28 '13 at 7:44
Sorry I dint get you. :-( –  Dharmesh Tailor Jun 28 '13 at 10:40
How is the application stopped? (Application.Exit(), closing threads, dropping AppDomain, windows message quit ...) Is called by code or by user in what way –  Alexandru Lache Jun 28 '13 at 12:37

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