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i have country list stored in database and using viewdata to store all list now when i edit my task then i want to set my value in dropdown list. my code is

 public ActionResult Edit(long EventId)
            using (Event objEvent = new Event())
                List<EventObject> lst = new List<EventObject>();
                lst = objEvent.GetEventByEventId(EventId);

                using (Country objContry = new Country())
                    ViewData["Country"] = new SelectList(objContry.GetAllCountry(), "Country", "Country");

                return View(lst[0]);

at lst[0].Country is my a value which i want to selected by default in dropdownlist. my view is

 @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.Country, (SelectList)ViewData["Country"], new { id = "ddlCountry" })
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You seem to be binding the dropdown to a complex property on your model (Country) which obviously is not supported. Dropdowns should be bound only to simple scalar type properties. So you should define a property that will hold the selected value on your EventObject view model:

public string SelectedCountry { get; set; }

Then in your controller action you should set this property to the value of the country you want to be preselected:

using (Country objContry = new Country())
    ViewData["Countries"] = new SelectList(objContry.GetAllCountry(), "Country", "Country");

lst[0].SelectedCountry = "Argentina";

return View(lst[0]);

and in your view:

    model => model.SelectedCountry, 
    new { id = "ddlCountry" }

In case your Country property is a scalar type you could directly assign a value to it:

lst[0].Country = "Argentina";
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Thank you so much buddy i got solution with your answer. –  Abhijit Pandya Jun 28 '13 at 6:41

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