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I am developing a system that has four DLLs i.e.

1. business logic layer and three applications i.e. 
2. ASP.NET client
3. VB.NET client and 
4. mobile client.

I have created four separate repositories in Tortoise SVN for these. I want to make a change that will affect all three client applications and may take several days to complete. Would it be better to create one repository for all four projects putting them all in the trunk?

The question is: should I repository be created on a system basis (a system could contain multiple projects/DLLs) or on a project basis?

I have purchased a book on Tortoise/Subversion, which should arrive in a few days. I suspect this will answer my question.

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I think you should create separate repository for those which will be used in other project also. Include all other projects in same repository. Add the external repository using svn:external.

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