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Sorry if the title doesn't explain things well.

I have a situation where I am using DHTMLX AJAX component to display XSLT out to HTML. So the idea is this:

  1. There is a containing HTML page with a DIV which the xslt will be displayed into.
  2. The xslt file of course which is very simple.. just display a couple of XML elements into <p> tags.
  3. The XML dynamically generated.

Now all works well, it renders the output perfectly on most of the later browsers, and the rendering etc isn't the problem...

What I want to do now is to use JQuery to do something simple like show/hide a

tag etc.. which has a unique id of course.

The way I am doing it is to add the JQuery include into the HTML containing page, and have some Javascript/JQuery in the HEAD section of that HTML page - i.e. like you would normally if just a plain old HTML page.

JQuery doesn't seem to "see" the <p id='test'> tag which is rendered from the XSLT? even though (to best of my knowledge) the XSLT is valid/formed well and displays perfectly ok?

Something silly I am obviously missing ... either conceptually or coding wise???

Thanks in advance, any help grateful!

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does that id is predictable? also, the xml scheme has any type of pattern that you can use (e.g. a serie of divs could be assigned to a funcion in jquery using $('#container > div').live(function () { ... }) ) – yoda Nov 14 '09 at 22:51

The jQuery code may be running before your AJAX code finishes. Try the live function:

live() binds events to current and future elements that match a selector.

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If the XML is loaded via AJAX, then you'll need to apply the jQuery function on the element after it's loaded or using a live handler (depending on the event you are handling). If you attempt to apply it on page load without using a live handler, then the element doesn't yet exist and thus the selector won't match it and any handlers won't be applied.

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