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After I done integrating my apps with Facebook local currency payments, I asked my colleague to purchase in-game items and later dispute the transaction for testing purpose. I did receive the real time update on dispute, but soon after 4 seconds, I receive another update that Facebook had initiated refund.

I thought developer should be given 72 hour to handle dispute and verify the dispute is legitimate?

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Here is what the doc says:

As mentioned earlier on this page, Facebook's philosophy regarding payment disputes is that we will handle all disputes that imply that the user is requesting a full refund of the transaction (i.e. the "I accidentally purchased an item I do not want" option). On the other hand, if the user request is aimed at receiving the item or in-app currency that they've purchased, we will route the dispute to the developer (i.e. the "I didn't receive the game item(s) I purchased" option).

So I guess there is no 72 hour disputes (and no corresponding callbacks) when user selects "correct" options.

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