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I'm building a web app that should play back an RTSP/RTP stream from a server (http://lscube.org/projects/feng).

Does the HTML5 video/audio tag support the rtsp or rtp? If not, what would the easiest solution be? Perhaps drop down to a VLC plugin or something like that.

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Did you obtain it? Can you help me, please? stackoverflow.com/questions/16978301/html5-audio-livestreaming –  Daniel Garcia Sanchez Jun 7 '13 at 7:22

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Technically 'Yes'

(but not really...)

HTML 5's <video> tag is protocol agnostic—it does not care. You place the protocol in the src attribute as part of the URL. E.g.:

<video src="rtp://myserver.com/path/to/stream">
    Your browser does not support the VIDEO tag and/or RTP streams.

or maybe

<video src="http://myserver.com:1935/path/to/stream/myPlaylist.m3u8">
    Your browser does not support the VIDEO tag and/or RTP streams.

That said, the implementation of the <video> tag is browser specific. Since it is early days for HTML 5, I expect frequently changing support (or lack of support).

From the W3C's HTML5 spec:

User agents may support any video and audio codecs and container formats

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@will824 w3schools is not a spec, it is a tutorial website by a private company. The spec is from the w3c itself, an international standards body. The HTML5 spec states "User agents may support any video and audio codecs and container formats." w3.org/TR/2008/WD-html5-20080122/#video0 –  Stu Thompson Feb 12 '13 at 13:28

The spirit of the question, I think, was not truly answered. No, you cannot use a video tag to play rtsp streams as of now. The other answer regarding the link to Chromium guy's "never" is a bit misleading as the linked thread / answer is not directly referring to Chrome playing rtsp via the video tag. Read the entire linked thread, especially the comments at the very bottom and links to other threads.

The real answer is this: No, you cannot just put a video tag on an html 5 page and play rtsp. You need to use a Javascript library of some sort (unless you want to get into playing things with flash and silverlight players) to play streaming video. {IMHO} At the rate the html 5 video discussion and implementation is going, the various vendors of proprietary video standards are not interested in helping this move forward so don't count of the promised ease of use of the video tag unless the browser makers take it upon themselves to somehow solve the problem...again, not likely.{/IMHO}

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Good comment Golf. I wanted also to do what Elben is doing without success. –  will824 Jan 25 '13 at 18:51

Chrome will never implement support RTSP streaming.

At least, in the words of a Chromium developer here:

we're never going to add support for this

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Well almost. Chrome already supports RTSP streaming, that's why he's never going to add support for this ;) –  Stefan Steiger Aug 14 '14 at 6:38
No you can't get it working in chrome, It's not working when trying with youtube rtsp links. –  IdidntKnewIt Dec 27 '14 at 9:36

With VLC i'm able to transcode a live RTSP stream (mpeg4) to an HTTP stream in a OGG format (Vorbis/Theora). The quality is poor but the video work in Chrome 9. I have also tested with a trancoding in WEBM (VP8) but it's don't seem to work (VLC have the option but i don't know if it's really implemented for now..)

The first to have a doc on this should notify us ;)

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How did you do this? –  Johnydep Jun 29 '11 at 13:49
"C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -I dummy screen:// :screen-fps=16.000000 :screen-caching=100 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=theo,vb=800,scale=1,width=600,height=480,acodec=mp3}:htt‌​p{mux=ogg,dst=} :no-sout-rtp-sap :no-sout-standard-sap :ttl=1 :sout-keep - this is VLC command which streams your input (e.g. screen capture device) to a given output stream (e.g. –  Osi Feb 12 '13 at 15:09
and then you can embed this on a video tag: <video id="video" src="http://localhost:8080/desktop.ogg" autoplay="autoplay">. –  Osi Feb 12 '13 at 15:14
But the performance is unfortunately pretty poor and would be great if it could also be done with MP4 container. AFAIK more browsers have support for MP4 than for OGG. –  Osi Feb 12 '13 at 15:16
It worked for me too. I've set VLC for streaming both audio and video via HTTP protocol on my_ip:port adress and than I used HTML5 <video> tag like this: <video width="640"><source src="http://my_ip:port/test" type="video/ogg">HTML5 not supported</video>. –  patryk.beza Jul 6 '13 at 16:25

My observations regarding the HTML 5 video tag and rtsp(rtp) streams are, that it only works with konqueror(KDE 4.4.1, Phonon-backend set to GStreamer). I got only video (no audio) with a H.264/AAC RTSP(RTP) stream.

The streams from http://media.esof2010.org/ didn't work with konqueror(KDE 4.4.1, Phonon-backend set to GStreamer).

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