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This question already has an answer here:

in jquery.validate

my requirement:

the input-text will be validated only if the checkbox in the same row is be checked!

$("[name='ck']").click(function () {
        var text = $(this).parent().parent().find("[name='t']");
        if ($(this).attr("checked") == "checked") {
        } else {

the code is OK! but when i change the rule to {required:true,number:true,max:5} ,it is not work!

only the input-text of the first checkbox be checked will be validated! when the second checkbox be clicked,the relevant input-text will not be validated.



Is the way to Add/remove validation rules Dynamically is NOT legal, but why it will be work only once!

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addClass() is for adding CSS classes. It doesn't work for you because the string {required:true,number:true,max:5} is not a CSS class. – Sparky Jun 28 '13 at 15:55

You will probably want to use the depends callback to dynamically choose whether or not the rule should be required.

  rules: {
    contact: {
      required: true,
      email: {
        depends: function(element) {
          return $("#contactform_email:checked")

This example was pulled from the jquery validation page

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