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I am working with asp.net with DotNetNuke.

And I want to try something that is going to help me in my other real project.

I want to fill a GridView from code behind using Stored Procedures in sql server ?

  1. in the Info component I add this:

    public string Emri2 { get; set; }

  2. in the DataProvider I add this:

    public abstract IDataReader GetEmri(string Emri);

  3. in the Controller I add this:

     public GradesInfo GetEmri(GradesInfo gr)
        return (GradesInfo)CBO.FillObject(DataProvider.Instance().GetEmri(gr.Emri2), typeof(GradesInfo));
  4. in SqlDataProvider I add this:

    public override IDataReader GetEmri(string Emri)
        return (IDataReader)SqlHelper.ExecuteReader(ConnectionString, "SelektoStudentet", Emri);

How to make it that on the page load the grid is going to be filled ?

On pageLoad:

GradesController gr = new GradesController();

GradesInfo grIn = new GradesInfo();

grIn.Emri2 = "John";


can someone help em please? I have tried many thing but I can't do it

P.s. I am not allowed to use SqlConnection, SqlCommand etc..

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If you are working with a grid, you will want to work with a slightly different return type I'm guessing as you are getting multiple records.

Your SqlDataProvider is fine. But in the controller you want the return to be List<GradesInfo>.

Then use CBO.FillCollection<GradesInfo>(DataProvider.Instance().GetEmri("yourvaluehere"));

Then, in the ascx you can do the following, assuming that you are using a datagrid with an id of dgrData.

var controller = new GradesController();
dgrData.DataSource = controller.GetEmri("yourvaluehere");
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