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I have a couple questions about how to use C++ sets (std::set)

  1. Is there a way to get the union, intersection, or difference of two C++ sets? (It's pretty easy to write my own functionto do that but I wanted to know if there was a built in function for it)

  2. Can C++ sets be used as keys in a map?

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Use the set_difference(), set_union(), set_intersection() and set_symmetric_difference() functions.

Sets and maps support any key type that can compare. By default this means the type has operator<() defined, but you can provide your own comparator. C++ sets don't have operator<() defined and therefore can't be used as keys unless you provide your own comparator.

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And you probably don't want to provide your own comparator unless you can find a way to figure out which set is "less than" the other quickly -- i.e. without reading all of its members, which could get very slow for a large set. – quark Nov 15 '09 at 3:14

As for your first question, have a look at

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Anything can be used as a key in a map as long as you provide a class or function that can compare them. Here is an example.

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