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I am using amazon Product Advertisment api. when i am searching product by keyword from Item Search Operation i got only 10 results, is there any way to get all result in one single call.

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No. This page explains some of the details:


To quote a little:

"It is possible to create a request that returns many thousands of items in a response. This is problematic for several reasons. Returning all of the item attributes for those items would dramatically impact the performance of Product Advertising API in a negative way. Also, posting a thousand responses on a web page is impractical.


This example shows that 9729 items matched the search criteria. Also, it shows that those results are on 973 (~9729/10) pages. You might try putting in an ItemPage value over 10. If you do, Product Advertising API returns the following error.


So, how do you get that 973rd page? You cannot. A better approach is to submit a new request that is more targeted and yields fewer items in the response."

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