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I'm trying to update libpandoc to the newer versions (above 1.10), and I got everything code-wise fixed (basically ParserState had to be changed to ReaderOptions and the default settings updated).

However, during build, I get the following error:

Loading package regex-pcre-builtin- ... linking ... ghc: /home/XXXX/.cabal/lib/regex-pcre-builtin- unknown symbol `utf8_table4'
ghc: unable to load package `regex-pcre-builtin-'

Trying to reinstall regex-pcre-builtin I get:

$ cabal install regex-pcre-builtin --reinstall
Resolving dependencies...
In order, the following would be installed:
regex-pcre-builtin- (reinstall)
cabal: The following packages are likely to be broken by the reinstalls:
Use --force-reinstalls if you want to install anyway.

Which says that reinstall may in fact break pandoc itself.

I'm rather new to Haskell, and all my searches for regex-pcre-builtin and utf8_table4 on google leads to postings on hpaste.org where people have pasted the same error.

How can I resolve this issue? What should I look for in such situations?

Edit: Here's the offending code:

{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}

module LibPandoc.Instances where

import Data.Data
import Data.DeriveTH
import Text.Pandoc
import Text.Pandoc.Shared

$( derive makeTypeable ''ReaderOptions )
$( derive makeData ''ReaderOptions )
$( derive makeTypeable ''WriterOptions )
$( derive makeData ''WriterOptions )
$( derive makeTypeable ''HTMLMathMethod )
$( derive makeData ''HTMLMathMethod )
$( derive makeTypeable ''ObfuscationMethod )
$( derive makeData ''ObfuscationMethod )
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I ran into this issue recently as well, it seems to be a bug in the most recent release. You can work around this by using the previous release, e.g.:

ghc-pkg unregister regex-pcre-builtin
cabal install regex-pcre-builtin-
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That did it thanks. Note for future visitors: You may need to reinstall a couple of packages that depend on this. –  Shahbaz Jun 28 '13 at 12:10

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