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I need to extract all the AVPs details from the diameter packets. Currently I am using dpkt lib for Python but I figured out that it doesn't support extraction of all the AVPs.

At the header level, only followings are suppported

class Diameter(dpkt.Packet):
    __hdr__ = (
        ('v', 'B', 1),
        ('len', '3s', 0),
        ('flags', 'B', 0),
        ('cmd', '3s', 0),
        ('app_id', 'I', 0),
        ('hop_id', 'I', 0),
        ('end_id', 'I', 0)

At the AVP level, are supported, rest of the AVPs are stored as binary data (if I am not wrong)

class AVP(dpkt.Packet):
    __hdr__ = (
        ('code', 'I', 0),
        ('flags', 'B', 0),
        ('len', '3s', 0),

import dpkt

f = open('snoop.pcap','r')
pcap = dpkt.pcap.Reader(f)

for ts, buf in pcap:
    eth = dpkt.ethernet.Ethernet(buf)
    ip =
    tcp =
    dia = dpkt.diameter.Diameter(
    avp = dpkt.diameter.AVP(
    if tcp.dport == 3868 and len( > 0:
        print (str(dia.cmd) + ' ' + str(dia.hop_id) + ' ' + str(dia.end_id) + ' ' + str(avp.code))


Are there any other lib better than dpkt or any other way to extract the AVPs using this lib?

Version: dpkt 1.8

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dpkt's Diameter parser has a bug (as of version 89). According to RFC 3588, section 4: "A number of zero-valued bytes are added to the end of the AVP Data field till a word boundary is reached. The length of the padding is not reflected in the AVP Length field."

This padding is not implemented. Modify like the following: In the unpack() method of the AVP class (line 119), add:

self.padding = ( 4 - self.len % 4 ) % 4

In the __len__() method of the AVP class (line 140), add:

length += self.padding

These modifications solved the problem for me.

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