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I'm trying to analyze my program by the Visual Studio Performance Analyzer, but I'm new with this tool.

If I start my program in the analyzer I get a report where I see how much % of the total analyzing time a function took. But the total time can variate between 5 sec and 500 sec, so how can I see if my optimalisations have taken any effect?

If it was in milliseconds I would not have this problem, but I cannot find any function like "show in milliseconds" or something like that.

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There are two differents CPU profiling methods in Visual Studio Profiler : Sampling & Instrumentation.

Sampling (Default)

The sampling profiling method interrupts the computer processor at set intervals and collects the function call stack. Exclusive sample counts are incremented for the function that is executing and inclusive counts are incremented for all of the calling functions on the call stack. Sampling reports present the totals of these counts for the profiled module, function, source code line, and instruction.

The sampling method is lightweight (not changes in your binaries) and has little effect on the execution of the application methods : it collects only statistical data about the work that is performed by an application during a profiling session.

It's good for initial explorations. A high % can means a slow function or a function that is called to often.


It collects detailed timing for the function calls in a profiled application. How ? It injects code that captures timing information for each function in the instrumented file and each function call that is made by those functions. Instrumentation also identifies when a function calls into the operating for operations such as writing to a file.

In reports, you will see Application Time (total time that is spent executing a piece of code, but excluding time that is spent in calls to the operating system, adot.net, service calls, ... ) and Elapsed Time (total time that is spent executing a piece of code).

This profiling mode also has higher runtime overhead. This inadvertently change a little bit the performance characteristics of your application, but it's quite minimal.

Only this options allows you to see ms. So change the profiling method in the wizard of in the performance explorer. Also note that this options is sometimes not available such as for Unit Tests.

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