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I am trying to create object and operate on it using remoting as below:

$foldername = "C:\test"
$computername ="remotecomputer"

Invoke-Command -computername $computername -Scriptblock {$newquotaobj = New-Object -ComObject Fsrm.FsrmQuotaManager}
Invoke-Command -computername $computername -Scriptblock {$newquotasrc = $newquotaobj).GetQuota($Using:foldername)}

My understanding that $newquotaobj would be deserialized and sent back - but it does not seem to happen. Is it even possible to achive my goal here - i.e creating com object remotely and operating on it?

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Invoke-Command returns the output, not the objects created. If you want to remotely operate COM objects via Invoke-Command you have to include the code in the script block:

$foldername = "C:\test"
$computername ="remotecomputer"

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computername -ScriptBlock {
  $newquotaobj = New-Object -ComObject Fsrm.FsrmQuotaManager
  $newquotasrc = $newquotaobj.GetQuota($args[0])
  $newquotasrc   # <-- this will be returned to the local host
} -ArgumentList $foldername
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Thank you very much! All works now , I can create quotas remotely :) Invoke-Command -session $s -Scriptblock { $fsrmremote = New-Object -ComObject Fsrm.FsrmQuotaManager $qcreate = $fsrmremote.CreateQuota($Using:foldername) $qcreate.Description = $Using:qdescription $qcreate.QuotaLimit = $Using:qlimitBytes $qcreate.Commit() } – Sergei Jun 28 '13 at 12:06

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