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I have a Windows 8 style hub page with tiles that contain big text in TextBlocks. In some localizations, the text is too long for one line and needs to be wrapped. Per default wrapping only occurs at spaces and hyphens. But sometimes even single words are too long and need to be wrapped, too.

enter image description here

image description: 3 blue tiles: "Text", "Several BREAK short BREAK words", "Antidisesta BREAK blishmenta BREAK rianism"

I want the wrapping within words to be typographically correct, i.e. with hyphens and at the right positions (not simply after the last letter that fits into the line).

In WPF, I solved a similar issue by putting soft hyphens into the text, as hyphenation hints.

In computing and typesetting, a soft hyphen [..] is a kind of hyphen used to specify a place in text where a hyphenated break is allowed without forcing a line break in an inconvenient place if the text is re-flowed.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work in the XAML framework. They are simply ignored. Zero-width spaces, too.

Is there some way to make soft hyphens work? Or some other way to insert hyphenation hints?

Note: I know that I could hard-code the hyphens/breaks by writing "Antidises-tablish-mentaria-nism", but that would tie the string to a specific (size of a) TextBlock and create superflous non-breaking mid-word hyphens in other TextBlocks. I want to avoid this.

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(The image is not showing for me. It seems there's a problem with stack.imgur.com) –  dtb Jun 28 '13 at 10:46
@dtb: Hmpf. OK, added a textual description, too. –  Sebastian Negraszus Jun 28 '13 at 10:53

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Soft hyphens would usually be implemented using "U+00AD" but these are ignored in WinRT. You could use the RichTextBlock with the "-" encoding.

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What does the "-" encoding mean? –  Sebastian Negraszus Jun 28 '13 at 18:26
What do you mean with "use the RichTextBlock with the "-" encoding."? Use a RichTextBlock and insert a soft hyphen into an inline element, e.g. a paragraph? No, that does not work. Down voted until you clarify... –  Sebastian Negraszus Jul 9 '13 at 12:22

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