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I am trying to use C++ lib with python using SWIG, my problem is that the main class symbol is missing,

    $ ldd -r -d 2>&1|grep RF24
    undefined symbol: _ZN4RF24C1Ehh (./

    $ objdump -t |grep RF24
    000032cc g     F .text  00000044              _ZN4RF24C1Ehhj
    000032cc g     F .text  00000044              _ZN4RF24C2Ehhj

python exception:

        ImportError: ./ undefined symbol: _ZN4RF24C1Ehh

I tried using the lib objs from the original Makefile or tried to compile them with some flags but the result is the same build lines:

    $ gcc -c RF24_wrap.cxx -I/usr/include/python2.7
    $ gcc -lstdc++ -shared bcm2835.o RF24.o RF24_wrap.o -o

RF24.i (the SWIG file):

    %module rf24
    #include "RF24.h"

    %include "RF24.h"
    //%include "bcm2835.h"
    %include "carrays.i"
    %array_class(char, byteArray);

RF24.h (relevant part of the class header file):

        // bla bla bla enums...

        class RF24
        // bla bla bla

        // bla bla bla

             RF24(uint8_t _cepin, uint8_t _cspin);
             RF24(uint8_t _cepin, uint8_t _cspin, uint32_t spispeed )

        //bla bla bla

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When you find your own solution post it as an answer not an edit to the question. – Flexo Jun 30 '13 at 8:57

Problem Solved! After using c++filt, I have found out that one of the constructors in the lib wasn't defined, after deleting it problem solved

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