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I'm trying to search Google but the keyword 'go' makes it difficult to find any useful answers. Reading the http://golang.org/ page doesn't turn up anything useful either.

Right now, I have a simple function in my bash.rc:

function gogo() {
    6g -o gotmp.tmp $@;
    6l -o go.out gotmp.tmp;
    rm -f gotmp.tmp;

However, this is not perfect. It would be nice for something built in (perhaps something like gogcc but using 6g/6l backend).


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Do you have a reason to not use a build system?

There is a ready made Makefile in $GOROOT/doc/. Other build systems: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1735993/what-build-systems-work-with-go

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Thanks. I think the Makefile should work for what I'm doing. Scons looks good, too. –  Nick Presta Nov 15 '09 at 8:25

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