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I know that we should use Configuration qualifiers for our resources.We should put bitmaps according to screen density(ldpi,mdpi,hdpi etc.)...My question is should we use same drawables for different screen sizes.Suppose a device is 3 inches(normal screen size) and another is 5 inches(large size) BUT BOTH ARE MDPI, So is it a better practice to put drawble in drawable-mdpi folder or shall we use drawable-mdpi and drawable-large-mdpi folders respectively

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I recommend to read the guidelines about using resources for different screen sizes:


It depends on what exactly You want to do. If You have some complicated layouts with much graphics, that must be changed for different sizes, follow the guideline.

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I have already read it and understood it....Was just asking to know which was abetter thing and I do have a complicated layout so maybe i would use two different qualifiers –  user2429689 Jun 28 '13 at 12:18
I know it is much work, but believe me, You will have more success by selling Your apps.... –  Opiatefuchs Jun 28 '13 at 12:28

use different drawable for different screen size.

drawable-mdpi will work for all your MDPI devices like normal phone,7' & 10' tablet.

you need to use different drawable for few images like your app background which wont fit for all screen sizes.

normal 320x480
7'     1024 x 600
10'   1280 x 800

Note: 5' inch screen size won't come in drawable-large-mdpi bucket

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To answer your question directly : use only drawable-mdpi folder and you will not have any problem!

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