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I'm trying to figure out the cleanest way to generate a bit of html AND nest content inside it. Using HAML. Basically I want to do something like:

= block_large
  This is some nested content

And that should generate:

<div class="block large">
  <img src="block_large_carat.gif" class="block_large_carat">
  This is some nested content

The problem is I don't know how to go about achieving this. Partials? Helper? I'm getting hung up on how I would nest whatever content I want. Trying to keep my HAML DRY and don't want to have to explicitly declare the image tag over and over again.

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Partials make sense as the way to go. –  jtbandes Nov 15 '09 at 2:33
Ok, but how do you nest content inside a partial? Rails noob here =P –  devth Nov 15 '09 at 2:52
You can't pass blocks to partials. A helper is the better option. But I haven't time to post an example now. –  EmFi Nov 15 '09 at 4:14

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My previous solution didn't work :)
Thanks EmFi for pointing it out.
This time I (even) tested it and it (even) worked! \o/

I'm posting this here based on this blog post.
Read the full post for a much better explanation :)


  def block_to_partial(partial_name, options = {}, &block)
    options.merge!(:body => capture(&block))
    concat(render(:partial => partial_name, :locals => options), block.binding)


%h2 Test!
- block_to_partial("block_large", :class_name=>"nested_content") do
  This is some nested content


  %img(src="block_large_carat.gif" class="block_large_carat")
    = body


<div id='block_large'>
  <img class='block_large_carat' src='block_large_carat.gif' />
  <div class='nested_content'>
    This is some nested content

Hope that helps!

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No good. The block given to render is only processed with render :update. –  EmFi Nov 15 '09 at 4:10
True. (shame on me) Fixing it. –  Carlos Lima Nov 15 '09 at 4:40
Thank you for the answer. I still haven't had a chance to try this out but it makes sense :) –  devth Nov 26 '09 at 22:28
I'm glad to help :) –  Carlos Lima Nov 26 '09 at 23:40

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