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I only want a list of files that have been added (not ones that have been modified) since a certain date. Is there an easy way to do this?

Answer: Here's what ended up working for me, thanks guys!

svn log -v -r{2008-10-1}:HEAD svn://path.to.repo/ | grep "^   A" | grep ".java" | sort -u

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svn log -v -r{2008-10-1}:HEAD | grep "^   A"
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thanks, good idea...just got to modify that search pattern a bit (the way you wrote it would return checkin comment lines with the word "A" in them. –  Epaga Oct 6 '08 at 9:35
Yes, but a capital A with spaces around it is rather rare. You could use "^ A" –  MattW. Oct 6 '08 at 9:57
wouldn't have been that rare. A good example would be this sentence. ;-) But yeah, the circumflex did the trick. –  Epaga Oct 6 '08 at 10:51

you can try following command,

svn log -r '{2013-09-09}:HEAD'

Here you get all the revision details from date 9/9/2013

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If you use 'svn log -v -q' you get the filename and no log messages. This is a little bit faster over http:// and svn:// as the log messages are not transferred to you.

svn log --xml -v -q gives you the same information but in easy to parse xml. (This handles all corner cases on strange file names for you).

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Something like

svn log -v -r {"2008-01-01"}:HEAD . | grep ' A ' | sort -u

should get you going...

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