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       This is my table
       | id | payperiod     |
       |  1 | Weekly        |
       |  2 | Monthly       |

I need to use query to show two date NextPaydate and SecondNextPaydate in future with payperiod if payperiod is Weekly then nextpaydate would be 07/01/2013 and secondnextpaydate would be 07/07/2013

I did solution with php code as below

$payperid = 'Weekly'; // value can be changed
if ($payperid == "Weekly") {
    $rand = rand(2,6);
    $diff = 7;
else if ($payperid=="Monthly") {
    $rand = rand(2,28);
    $diff = rand(30,31);    
$opt_in = date('Y-m-d');
$ed = strtotime($opt_in);

$paydate1_day   = date("d",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+$rand,date('Y',$ed)));
$paydate1_month = date("m",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+$rand,date('Y',$ed)));
$paydate1_year  = date("Y",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+$rand,date('Y',$ed))); 
$paydate2_day   = date("d",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+($diff),date('Y',$ed)));
$paydate2_month = date("d",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+($diff),date('Y',$ed)));
$paydate2_year  = date("d",mktime(date("H",$ed),date("i",$ed),date("s",$ed),date('m',$ed),date('d',$ed)+($diff),date('Y',$ed)));

$nextpaydate = $paydate1_month / $paydate1_day / $paydate1_year 

$secondnextpaydate = $paydate2_month / $paydate2_day / $paydate2_year

please help how to do with mysql query (if condtion and rand function)

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Why do you want random paydates? What exactly do you want them to be? Can you try to describe what you want in text rather than PHP code? –  GolezTrol Jun 28 '13 at 12:11
I think that you want to know which day the next payday is. If yes, you have to store the last payday and than add the period to it: $date1 = date('m/d/Y',strtotime($lastpaydayWeek) + 1 weeks); $date2 = date('m/d/Y',strtotime($lastpaydaymonth) + 1 months); –  Michael Walter Jun 28 '13 at 12:14
As my requirement we do not collect paydates from user , we just collect payperid('weekly','Biweekly','montly') based on I need to generate paydates , first I collect data from user and inserts into table then listing on page with paydates based on user input payperid –  Bhavesh vaghela Jun 28 '13 at 12:17
I'm not going to read through the entire code, trying to deduce what it is you're actually after, but perhaps this helps: DATE_FORMAT(ADDDATE(NOW(), INTERVAL ROUND(10*RAND()) DAY), '%d/%m/%Y') –  Elias Van Ootegem Jun 28 '13 at 12:19

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I am answering the question in your title, since I am unsure after looking at your description.

How to generate random date in Mysql

UPDATE tablename SET datefield= ’1980-01-01′ + interval rand()*80000 day

Taken from a Google search: random date mysql

Possible solution

From what I understand of your description:

How to get next week:

UPDATE tablename SET datefield = datefield + interval 1 weeks

How to get next month:

UPDATE tablename SET datefield = datefield + interval 1 months
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I have update my question according to the description of the OP. Thank your for teaching me this though, I might do the proper action next time. –  Jeff Noel Jun 28 '13 at 12:16
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