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I'm currently using IDLE, its decent, but I'd like to know if there're better lightweight IDEs built especially for Mac — free or commercial.

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TextMate is a great general-purpose editor for mac. Used by the Rails community a lot, but it's great with python too.

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But Textmate is not 100% compatible with Snow Leopard yet. :( – 3zzy Nov 15 '09 at 5:32
I've yet to have an issue with it... – zenazn Nov 15 '09 at 5:46
I've had 0 problems with TextMate and Snow Leopard. – ewalk May 18 '10 at 6:25

Allow me to suggest the GUI version of Vim for Mac OS X, aptly named MacVim. It is superb.

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Purpose built for Mac? Xcode supports python. Textmate and BBEdit are also great editors.

If you're fine with generic multiplatform IDE's, Komodo Edit is great.

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So, I was using TextMate for a while for python. It is good for writing small programs but not for managing big projects. I ran into problems, especially sometimes it caused mismatched indentations. For the life of me, I was not able to figure out what was going on. Then I switched to BBEdit, and it helped me a lot. It figures out indentation by itself, gives code completion like xcode, is fairly fast. Unfortunately, it is not a free download. The free version textwrangler should have similar features, however, I have not used it.

Another good option is Spyder. It is made for scientific computing. It basically gives you a MATLAB like IDE for python. And it is free and open source. Install through MacPorts.

By the way, TextMate is now a free download. https://github.com/textmate/textmate

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There is a commercial one - Textmate. Most of the good free editors are cross-platform (if you are ok with it, I'd recommend EditRa - but it doesn't work properly under 10.6 yet, because of some bugs in wxPython).

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There're aren't any Mac-specific Python IDEs, though Komodo's IDE, NetBeans and Eclipse (with the excellent PyDev extensions) all have very good Python IDE functionality and run fine on OS X. I've never used Wing IDE on OS X, but it has a pretty loyal following as well. If you just need an editor (I find that a good editor and a command line are often sufficient for Python), TextMate along with IPython in a terminal is the way to go. When I really do need a full IDE, I've been very happy with Eclipse/PyDev.

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vim, emacs, BBEdit, WingIDE, or my favorite - eclipse (although, I don't think this is very lightweight)

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I would recommend you to look at Aptana(it's more attractive then Eclipse for me)+PyDev or PyCarm. I use TextMate too, but those are easy for debug.

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I use FRAISE (free) it is simple and useful, auto indentation, colorize, auto completion, shell.

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going to vote for Fraise. handles almost anything, has indentations, and uses color! its free too.

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check out Sublime Text 2 Alpha. seriously awesome.

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