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I am trying to change the MergedDictionaries from code behind in windows 8 application. My App.xaml looks like below,

            <ResourceDictionary Source="Common/TestTheme.xaml" />
            <ResourceDictionary Source="Common/StandardStyles.xaml" />

In that i am trying to remove all ResourceDictionary, and add a new ResourceDictionary from code behind. I searched in web but wont got any solution. Need a help to get this thing done.

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It seems that there is no a easy solution for your question. Maybe you can load a resource dictionary and read all the items, and add the objects to the other dictionary as it's explained in the MSDN

You are permitted to add items to an existing ResourceDictionary by calling Add (C# or Visual Basic) or Insert (C++/CX). You could add to either immediate resources or app resources. Either of these API calls requires a key, which satisfies the requirement that each item in a ResourceDictionary have a key. However, items that you add to a ResourceDictionary at run time are not relevant to XAML resource references at all. The necessary lookup for XAML resource references happens when XAML is being parsed as the app is loaded (or a theme change is detected), and collections that are modified at run time are either not available or are reset.

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