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This could be really easy but I it's not obvious when I google it.

I have few NSMenuItem items that get populated at runtime and the label can be very long.How do set a limit for the title with the "..." in the middle of the text?

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You could write your own method to preprocess the text before it is set to the label, and adds in ... on your own terms.

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Better yet, use the … character, not the ... string. –  Peter Hosey Nov 15 '09 at 8:03
that's exactly what I did. I created a NSString category and have a function that takes in a int param that will limit the text length and add in the "..." char at the end of the string. This sure beats having to use NSTextView. –  Seymour Cakes Nov 16 '09 at 3:56

Another possibility: grab the NSMenuItemCell from the menu item and set its line break mode to NSLineBreakByTruncatingMiddle

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