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I need to create an android (native or hybrid) application. The application will work mostly in offline mode, where the app will collect few text values and will take pictures. All the data will be stored in SQLite Database and file system.

Once a day, each user must sync all the data with ASP.NET C# web application (SQL 2008 database). The web application is accessible through web browser. The data should be synced when the device is connected with PC (Windows) via USB cable. The sync process should start when the user click on sync button (on the android app or on the web site).

Here are my question: [1] For the above mentioned requirements, which is better native or hybrid application? [2] How can I implement the USB sync process? Should I create windows listener application for each machine, where the device will be connected? If YES - can you give me any suggestions who to create the listener, and what exactly the listener should do?

Thank you in advance.

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