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I have a C program called opencv2.0 function :

cvSaveImage( out_img_name, img);

Compiler gcc reports that

too few arguments to function cvSaveImage

The prototype of cvSaveImage in highgui.h is

CVAPI(int) cvSaveImage( const char* filename, const CvArr* image, const int* params CV_DEFAULT(0) )

After I change my call to be

cvSaveImage( out_img_name, img, 0);

The compilation is finally successful. Does it mean default values of arguments for function are only supported in C++ but not C?

Thanks and regards!

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I guess that just happens in new versions of opencv, I didn't get this error with the old version available on ubuntu repositories, but when I compiled the new version, the code that used to run gave me the error you are talking about – user371029 Jun 19 '10 at 13:27
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Correct - Standard C does not support default arguments, neither in the C89 standard nor in the C99 standard (nor in the C2011 standard). There may be compiler-specific extensions to support it in some compilers, but it is not standard.

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C requires a special notation if you want to use a variable number of arguments.

You can't define a default variable to be passed in to a plain function. You could set-up a macro that auto-magically passes in a default value and use that as your function entry if you want to.

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