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I have a litte problem with a static, direct filled array of class files, which inheriting from a superclass

 public static Class<SuperClass> classes= new Class<SuperClass>[]{

seems to be impossible. Intellij says, it requires the Superclass.class, instead of ChildClass.class.

Why is this not possible? Thank you

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You are assigning an array to a non-array variable. –  Jeffrey Jun 28 '13 at 14:16

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Arrays and generics don't mix.

Also a type Xx<Derived> is not assignable to Xx<Base> (see bazillions of questions on this site).

You may want:

private static final Class<? extends SuperClass> clazz = ChildClass.class;

The other way around:

private static final Class<? super ChildClass> clazz = SuperClass.class;

Or use an appropriate collection:

private static final Set<? extends SuperClass> classes =

Mutable statics, even if not public, are a really bad idea.

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It is not possible because we use =(equal) to say left and right hand sides are same.. here you are assigning an array to a non-array variable.

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  1. There are no generic arrays. You cannot create an array of Class
  2. Class is not a subclass of Class
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Thank you. The reason why i need this is the following: I have several filters and I need to define, which filter classes my program is allowed to use. maybe I should just put them as objects into an array on startup or something... –  Nachbar90 Jun 28 '13 at 14:33

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