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I have a expect script that is giving me troubles using the right arrow. The goal of my script is to install a program automatically for our customers.

Using autoexpect to test the right arrow key returns:

send -- "^[\[C"

my script (expect version 5.43.0):

#!/usr/bin/expect --
if [ catch "spawn /mnt/" reason ] {
  send_user "failed to spawn /mnt/ script: $reason\n"
  exit 1

expect {
    timeout { send_user "Timeout reached! Aborting..."; return}
    eof     { send_user "\r\nInstallation complete!!\r\n"; return}
    "*Demo*Expiration*Date*Reached*" {
       sleep .5
       send -- "^[\[C";
       sleep .5
       send "\r";

I keep receiving the following error message when the block of code within "*Demo*Expiration*Date*Reached*" executes:

missing close-bracket while compiling "send -- "^[\[C"

I think I'm missing something basic here.....


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^[ is probably meant to be a single character (Escape). and you probably need to send a literal backslash and open bracket, both of which need to be esacped. Try:

send -- "\033\\\[C"
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Thanks glenn!! Here is worked for me send -- "\033\[C"; – GoinOff Jun 28 '13 at 15:07
Let me add that mine worked with TERM=linux, won't work as vt100 – GoinOff Jun 28 '13 at 16:01

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