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I need to change the content of an element which includes html.

I tried with this, but the html tags are printed

    $('#content-sections label').text('my text <span>a span element</span>');

This is printed as it:

my text <span>a span element</span>

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Because you told jQuery to insert this as text... Wanted to post an answer but @Aurelio was faster :) –  ElmoVanKielmo Jun 28 '13 at 15:44
This doesn't deserve downvotes. He obviously is new at this and also has trouble asking a question. If people think the question can be improved, do so by editing not downvoting. It was pretty obvious what he tried to achieve. –  Tim Dev Jun 28 '13 at 15:47
agreed with timmied, +1 –  Dany Khalife Jun 28 '13 at 15:50
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Upvoted too and didn't downvoted it before. –  ElmoVanKielmo Jun 28 '13 at 15:55

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You have to use html() for this. For example:

$('#content-sections label').html('my text <span>a span element</span>');

Oh, and for better performances, use this instead:

$('#content-sections').find('label').html('my text <span>a span element</span>');
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ok, I didn't know this function. –  Jaso2970 Jun 28 '13 at 15:44


$('#content-sections label').html('my text <span>a span element</span>');

But i'm confused with your "including html text using jquery"

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you have to set with html(value) function which sets the HTML contents of the first element in the set of matched elements.

  $('#content-sections label').html('my text <span>a span element</span>');
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Aurelio's answer solves your problem.

But if you need to put a whole structure of html nodes, it's better to use this way:

var span = $("<span />").text('a span element');
$('#content-sections label').text('my text').append(span);

The first line creates the span with its contents

And the second does 2 things, it first sets the text of the label, then adds the span created in the first line after that text.

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You have to use like the code below

$('#content-sections label').html('my text <span>a span element</span>');

jQuery.html() treats the string as HTML, jQuery.text() treats the content as text that is the reason its printing the span tag as well.

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