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I'm hosting a WebBrowser control in my C# application (using IE9). On a few websites, the WebBrowser control get's stuck. I checked and the Internet Explorer also gets stuck on these websites (possibly some bad javascript on the page), so this is probably a bug in the Internet Explorer.

The WebBroser control is on a form that runs in a new UI thread (other than my main UI thread). I create a new thread, and use the Application.Run to start it:

        var th = new Thread(() =>
                m_browser = new WebBrowser();
                m_form = new formWSBrowser(this);
                m_browser.Parent = m_form.panelBrowser;
                m_browser.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
                m_threadContext = new ApplicationContext(m_form);
            catch (Exception ex)
        m_thread = th;
        th.Name = "BrowserWrapper thread" + i_id;
        th.IsBackground = true;

I'm trying to kill the Form That hosts this WebBroser Control from another thread. I tried:


The above doesn't work. Seems like the message pumping got stuck.

Is there a way to kill this thread ?


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