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  1. I am adding a new column to SlickGrid using of course grid.setColumns(newColumnDef);
  2. I allow the user to then enter values into this new column
  3. If they so choose they can remove this column and add another column which they can select from a dropdown list.

This all works fine, the column gets removed and the grid appears without the removed column. However when I call dataView.getItems() to grab the data from the grid the columns I'vd previously removed are still there. Looks like setColumns with a new column definition and dataView.refresh does not delete the columns data, just the column is removed. I need to remove the columns data when the column is removed... Any suggestions would be most helpful.

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Changing the presentation of the data does not change the data itself.

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Thanks, so how do I change the data in teh dataView??? –  IgnitedCoder Jun 28 '13 at 17:30
It's your data and it's available to you in a JavaScript array. Edit it however you want it. –  Tin Jun 28 '13 at 21:25

Use deleteItem method of dataview as follows,

    dataView.deleteItem(id);\\where id is your unique id
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