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I think I'm forgetting the term for this so a title edit would be welcome. What I'd like to do is assign multiple functions to my $scope object, like so:

      widgetDropped = (event, ui) ->
        (console.log "widget dropped")
      dragCallback = (event, ui) ->     # fails
        console.log("started drag")     # fails

So the first 3 lines compile fine, but adding in the last 2 lines causes the compile to fail. Messed with line continuation a bit, no luck. Is it possible to do this sort of multi-line object assignment in coffeescript?

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are you familiar with coffeescript? I'm trying to assign dragCallback to the scope object without putting $scope in two places. –  jcollum Jun 28 '13 at 17:16
I'm still curious what you are looking for. Have you had a look at my answer? –  Sebastian vom Meer Jul 11 '13 at 23:00

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I think you're looking for something like this:

$scope =
  widgetDropped : (event, ui) ->
    console.log "widget dropped"
  dragCallback : (event, ui) ->
    console.log "started drag"

After that you can call your functions:

$scope.widgetDropped()  # logs "widget dropped"
$scope.dragCallback()   # logs "started drag"

Here is running example.

If you prefer it, you can add braces for clarity:

$scope = {
  widgetDropped : (event, ui) ->
    console.log "widget dropped"
  dragCallback : (event, ui) ->
    console.log "started drag"
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If you're trying to extend (i.e. set multiple properties at once) $scope like this:

$scope.widgetDropped = (event, ui) -> console.log "widget dropped"
$scope.dragCallback  = (event, ui) -> console.log("started drag")

then you're out of luck, there's nothing native to CoffeeScript for that. Various libraries offer functions for that though, Underscore/Lodash for example:

    widgetDropped: (event, ui) -> console.log "widget dropped"
    dragCallback:  (event, ui) -> console.log("started drag")

jQuery has one too.

There are various forms of destructured assignment that go the other way:

o = { where: 'is', pancakes: 'house?' }
{ pancakes } = o
# pancakes is now 'house?'

but no native merging techniques.

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thanks; it looks like very coffeescript-ish syntax and it works on one line, but not two; seems odd that it doesn't work for two lines –  jcollum Jun 28 '13 at 17:40

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